The Laverstoke – a Gin cocktail to tantalise the senses

Our Cocktail of the month comes from a very enjoyable afternoon spent with my ladies at the Bombay Sapphire Gin Distillery, in Laverstoke.  A stunning venue, very contemporary & we enjoyed the Gin Masterclass Cocktail Experience very much, however it still needs some tweaks…

Being the World’s most popular brand of Gin & the only one of its kind – infusing the flavours through vapour, there was a lot to learn & take in.  Laverstoke Mill is a working distillery and it’s great to understand the mechanics behind the brand and taste. Laverstoke is becoming a great hub for foodies – with the Laverstoke Park Farm nearby offering the freshly made Buffalo mozzarella. Back to the cocktail…

  • Squeeze 2 freshly cut lime wedges into a clean glass (try to use a balloon glass) and then drop them in
  • Measure and pour in 25ml Bottlegreen elderflower cordial, 50ml Martini Bianco and 25ml Bombay Sapphire gin into the glass over the lime
  • Fill the glass completely full of good quality cubed ice and briefly stir with a bar spoon to chill
  • Top up with FeverTree Ginger Ale
  • Decorate with a thin slice of ginger, and don’t forget a sprig of mint (which you need to flick first to release the fragrance)


Cocktails can be used to delight guests, enhance a theme & create a real sense of occasion, our mixologists provide a sense of theatre at any event. Call us on  0118 373 2311 or drop us an email: to find out more.


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