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Scotch Eggs

Scotch Eggs are so easy to make and yet we buy and eat thousands of them every year. To be honest the average shop bought scotch egg tastes of nothing and you usually need some form of liquid just to get it down.

Go to your local butcher and buy your sausages, these will be a good quality product. Our butcher does a whole range from Old English to Cumberland and they even have a recipe handed down from “Granny”

Once you’ve cooked your eggs, get 2 of your butchers sausages per egg, take off the skins and gently wrap around the egg. Close all the holes then roll between both hands forming a round ball, then just roll in some crumbs, I use rivitas with seeds and nuts. Pop in the oven at 180c for 20 minutes, Job doneImage

As if by Magic

The great restaurateur/chef Nico Ladenis said on his move back to England after 13 years, he doesn’t much like what’s happening in the restaurant scene, if like me you agree with Nico’s  dislike for water baths, dots for sauce, foams and smears, then head to Burchetts Green, just outside of Maidenhead.

The ever so slightly eccentric Simon Bonwick has taken the reigns of The Crown which sits facing the Green with its’ majestic oak tree. Simon is an award winning Chef from a Michelin Starred background who was inspired to cook as a youngster after watching an episode of Mr Ben. But there’s no Childs Play in this kitchen. Simon’s onus is on top quality produce, ethically sourced and sustainable with a seasonal menu and dishes that would rival the best bistros in Paris.
Expect to find Sticky Beef Cheeks, Porchetta, Local Chook, Game and Black Faced Lamb, and to join them in the mix will be Roasties, Garlicky Mash, Purees, Crackling, cooking Juices and gravies.
Its certainly worth a visit and reasonably priced with starters around £6 and mains at £12 to £16 It’s a Great Food Company Fav’.Image