The Pig Event

At last, a hue of blue to end the everlasting grey, a tinge of sun to bless the skin, while the intense magnolia eases from its sensual pod and discards them to the fray.

So our thoughts at The Great Food Company turn to outdoor celebrations and a very popular party piece at the mo’, is the hog.


Roasting a hog is a tradition that goes back centuries, if not longer and there is many variations on cooking. For the carnivorous majority there seems no more fitting way to send off this revered beast. The animal will bring atmosphere and a rich mask of aromatics to fill the senses from its torrid mass. So gather around with your friends and quench their parched and savage mouths.


So why come to us when you want to appease your salivation, we don’t promise to be the cheapest, but we can promise you a lot more.


You have a choice of 2 porkers, both are free range, we would not use any other animal! And one is fed with beer. Both have full provenance, and have had the freedom of feeling the sun on their backs, bonding with their own kind and rooting and digging in the dirt.


With all this you get BBQ beans and ‘slaws, apple sauce and Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, mustard or tomato based, all made at HQ.


If you want I can even bring the blues or some Cajun soul to add to your future pig tales.