Simple Things…….

You will find in my blog to follow, not recipes as such, but shared ideas. I don’t like measurements, tlbs, tspn, cl, ml, ltr, oz, all make my head swim and that is why I am not a pastry chef. I would consider that if you are reading this you already have an interest in food so with a little knowledge and a lotta love, ideas and recipes are all ready for personal re-creation.

My partner Clarissa on the other hand likes everything in boxes, I can’t vouch for future coming titbits from her but she is talking about seasonal recipes and she likes the inch worm, so there you have it. I look at the pictures and Clarissa follows the opposite page.

It’s usually the simple things which fill us with joy and long lasting memories, kicking through autumn leaves on a misty morning after a cosy lie in. Disturbing the squirrels nutty rush, drawn by the smell of fresh coffee.  This weekend, just have five minutes extra in bed, then take the time to do something a little different for breakfast before the small ones (or big ones) need to go to football.

Get some crusty rolls or Italian Rosetta if you can, slice off the top and hollow out the soft dough, brush the inside with butter then put in some pre-cooked crispy bacon or pancetta and some grated parmesan or the saltier pecorino, then crack two free range eggs on top. Bake in a medium oven until the white is firm and don’t forget to warm your lids.

Pop your warm lid back on and delight when the rich yellow yolk dribbles down your chin. Best eaten in bed


Hello world!

Welcome to the world of TheGreatFoodCompany.  After having a successful catering company in France for 6years, & now back in the UK for the last 2, we are now ready to fly.  We now both work full time for the company and feel this a turning point for us, and a perfect time to start a blog of our journey to success…..  We will talk incessantly about food with passion, tell you of local producers & the best place to buy their wares, & give you the complete low down on seasonal produce to hopefully inspire you try something different


Happy blogging!